DC Draino Featured in New Jake Hoffman for State House Political Ad, A Spinoff From ‘Jake From State Farm’ Commercial

June 7, 2022 Updated 12:59 PM ET


June 7, 2022 Updated 12:57 P.M. ET

TAMPA (FLV) – Conservative activist Rogan O’Handley, also known as “DC Draino” on social media, released a campaign ad based off the well-known “Jake From State Farm” commercial to promote Florida Republican Jake Hoffman as he runs for Florida State House in South Tampa (District 65). 

“Jake is a good friend and an incredible Tampa Republican leader. He doesn’t sell insurance or wear khakis, but he’s running for office to help pass Gov. DeSantis’ Freedom agenda and protect Floridians from the DC Swamp,” Rogan said on Instagram.

In the commercial, Rogan acts out calling “Jake for State House” at 3 a.m. when a woman walks down the stairs, similar to the “Jake From State Farm” commercial. 

ROGAN: “Yeah I’m voting… I like the sound of that.”

WOMAN: “Who are you talking to?”

ROGAN: “It’s Jake for State House.”

WOMAN: “Jake for State House at three in the morning. Who is this?”

JAKE: “It’s Jake for State House.”

WOMAN: “Well what are you wearing Jake for State House?”

JAKE: “Definitely not khakis.”

WOMAN: “Well what about Big Tech censorship?”

JAKE: “I would give Donald Trump his accounts back.”

WOMAN: “He sounds qualified.”

ROGAN: “Well, he’s a Republican, so.”

Hoffman is a Tampa entrepreneur and conservative leader with a degree from The University of South Florida. He co-founded Invasion Digital Media that partners with professional athletes to sell digital fitness programs. Hoffman has served as President of The Tampa Bay Young Republicans for three years. 

Hoffman said he has stood staunchly against lockdowns and the closing of small businesses. 

“Tampa is the best city in the country, and my fiancé and I intend to raise our family here,” Hoffman said, “When hypocritical politicians restrict our ability to go outdoors and our community leaders remain silent while atrocious public policy is implemented, we’ve crossed into lunacy and it’s time to bring common sense to the government.”Hoffman faces Karen Gonzalez Pittman in the Republican primary for District 65.

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