Webster Barnaby Wins State House Race by 30 Votes

August 29, 2022 Updated 12:36 PM ET

elizabeth barnaby

VOLUSIA COUNTY (FLV)- State Rep. Webster Barnaby came out victorious in the tight Republican Primary race for House District 29 against State Rep. Elizabeth Fetterhoff.

The race was too close to call on election night but Barnaby ended up winning by 30 votes after a recount. Barnaby received 7,450 votes while Fetterhoff received 7,420 votes.

“The hardworking families and business owners of House District 29 deserve leaders with integrity and a true heart for public service. I am honored to have the support of so many and look forward to representing all of Western Volusia County as we work to keep Florida free,” Barnaby said on Facebook.

“I am grateful to the good Lord for the strength, energy and passion to serve, grateful to my loving family and to our top-notch team. Our God-given freedom, access to opportunity and the American Dream are at stake in November, and I will not back down in this fight.”

The new redistricting maps pitted the two current state representatives against each other. The Republican, Webster Barnaby, will face Democrat Rick Karl in November.

“While this campaign for House District 29 was not as successful as we hoped, I can promise you that I will continue to advocate and work hard to improve the quality of life we enjoy here in Volusia County in whatever capacity God has in store for me next,” Fetterhoff said. “The opportunity to serve our community in House District 26 for the last four years has been a humbling experience and I am so proud of what we have been able to accomplish.”

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