Wilton Simpson Rises as ‘Conservative Leader’ After Latest Rounds of Legislation and GOP Electoral Victories

June 1, 2022 Updated 10:20 AM ET

Wilton Simpson celebrates landmark pro-life legislation signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, April 14, 2022 (@WiltonSimpson, Twitter).
Wilton Simpson celebrates landmark pro-life legislation signed by Gov. Ron DeSantis, April 14, 2022 (@WiltonSimpson, Twitter).

June 1, 2022 Updated 8:16 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – As Senate President Wilton Simpson, a rising conservative fighter in the Florida Republican Party, runs for Agriculture Commissioner, supporters are pointing out his role in the Sunshine State’s conservative winning streak.

Simpson was first elected on Nov. 6, 2012, to the Florida Senate from District 18. Now he represents Senate District 10, where he’s invested heavily in the success of the PACE Center for Girls, the Simpson Breast Center and the CARES Senior Center.

A Lakeland native and self-made farmer, Simpson jumped into the political fray with a mission to enact lasting reforms that would push Florida to the right for many election cycles.

With the Florida Republican Senatorial Campaign Committee (FRSCC), he set out to elect conservatives to combat the rise of left-wing extremism.

Nearly two years ago, President Simpson laid out a plan to not only win this cycle, but to achieve the kinds of gains that can have lasting impact for at least the next five cycles. And while the challenges of a global pandemic and the resulting historic economic downturn may have altered some of the tactics of traditional campaigns this year, the fundamentals of understanding and communicating with Florida voters remained the same.

FRSCC Memo to Wilton Simpson and the GOP Caucus, Nov. 16, 2020

In the 2020 Election, Simpson helped elect new conservative state senators – notably, Jason Brodeur, Ana Maria Rodriguez, Ileana Garcia, and Ray Rodrigues.

Rodrigues told Florida’s Voice that he is thankful for Simpson’s support.

“In 2020, it would have been easy for Wilton to stay out of our Southwest Florida primary and rest on the fact that it was a safe Republican seat. Incoming Senate presidents before him would have done just that. But Wilton had a vision for his two years at the helm and was looking to help elect senators capable of sending a conservative agenda to Governor DeSantis’s desk,” he said.

“Where others have cowered to the liberal media and ranking Democrats, Wilton has stood for our conservative values and delivered a stronger Florida where freedom and opportunity thrive.

Many pieces of legislation championed by Gov. Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans garnered the legislative support and organization they needed in the Florida Senate thanks to, in large part, to Simpson.

“Wilton Simpson has stood by Governor DeSantis to champion landmark conservative policy solutions to serve Florida families,” a spokesperson for DeSantis’ campaign told Florida’s Voice.

His commitment is evident in the recent work the Florida Legislature has done to pass the Stop WOKE Act, the Parental Rights in Education Act, and pro-life legislation. Wilton has been a strong supporter in advancing the Governor’s conservative agenda.

Ron DeSantis for Governor

The STOP WOKE Act, 15 week abortion ban, Parental Rights in Education Act, and new tax holidays to combat ‘Bidenflation’ are included in those notable new laws Simpson helped receive Senate approval.

Former Senate President Mike Haridopolos, a fellow conservative, had glowing praises for Simpson’s performance.

Haridpolos told Florida’s Voice that Simpson is “A solid conservative leader who kept his Republican Senate majority unified on the tough issues despite constant attacks from the media and liberal special interests.”

“When Governor DeSantis needed the votes in the Senate to Back the Blue, shore up election reform measures and also the elimination of left wing CRT education ideas, Senator Simpson secured the support of the Senate.

Simpson is a registered candidate for the August 23, 2022 Republican primary along with 3 other Republicans: James Shaw, Chuck Nadd, and Bob White.

The Senate President achieved the highest priority endorsement a modern Republican candidate can ask for: the blessing of Former President Donald Trump:

Wilton Simpson has done an outstanding job as President of the Florida State Senate, and I hope he runs for Florida Agriculture Commissioner in 2022 – he will have my Complete and Total endorsement! Wilton has been a great supporter and worked hard to get many good Conservatives elected in Florida. He helped us grow our Republican majority in the Florida State Senate, and gave us a historic win in the 2020 Presidential election.

Former President Donald J. Trump

The National Rifle Association (NRA) and the Unified Sportsmen of Florida also endorsed the Republican for Agriculture Commissioner. “We believe that, if elected, you will serve with a strong commitment to the Constitution, the state laws that govern this process, and to the people of Florida,” the endorsement from the NRA said.

On key culture-war issues like vaccine mandates, parental rights, election integrity, and the 2nd Amendment, Simpson notes his consistent conservative and freedom-based record. Notably, Simpson was a prime opponent of the Biden Administration’s vaccine mandate for employers.

Wilton fought the Biden Administration’s attempts to take away Floridians’ freedom to make decisions for themselves. The Agenda Against Vaccine Mandates protects parents as the sole decision makers for their children, shields workers from employer retaliation with public records exemptions, removes state health officer’s authority to mandate vaccines and takes the first steps to begin withdrawing from OSHA and building a Florida plan.

Wilton Simpson for Agriculture Commissioner

As Senate President, Simpson worked to achieve COVID-19 liability protections for business and healthcare providers in the state. He also played a large role in passing sales tax reform and reduced Florida’s Business Rent Tax from 5.5% to 2%. The Florida Chamber of Commerce named him 2021’s “Most Valuable Legislator.”

He also established a statewide infrastructure plan by prioritizing affordable housing programs, mitigating impacts of rising sea levels and improved wastewater programs: “It is crucial that we modernize our documentary stamp distributions to dedicate a steady stream of funding in three key areas of infrastructure – affordable housing, wastewater, and mitigation of sea-level rise.”

If Simpson wins the Agriculture Commissioner seat, he will replace a left-wing Nikki Fried who is vying for the Democrat nominee as the next Florida governor.

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