Witnesses: Combat Veteran, Opponent’s Husband, threatened by Amanda Makki’s Campaign Volunteer

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

December 21, 2021 Updated 9:45 AM ET

December 20, 2021 Updated December 21, 9:38 A.M. ET

BAY PINES (FCV) – Sunday, a volunteer from Amanda Makki’s (R) campaign verbally harassed Anna Paulina Luna (R) and her husband, Andy Gamberzky, during a National Wreaths Across America Day event, witnesses tell Florida’s Conservative Voice.

Makki is Luna’s primary opponent to represent Florida’s 13th Congressional District.

Gamberzky, a 12 year U.S. veteran, was involved in the event with Luna, who is also a veteran.

Luna was interrupted by Makki campaign volunteers whilst speaking with another veteran. According to those present, a younger man and middle aged woman were seen verbally accosting Luna. They were upset Luna’s shirt had her campaign logo on it. Luna turned her shirt inside out.

The Makki volunteer reportedly got angry during the exchange and began to walk away. Immediately thereafter, witnesses say he turned back to Gamberzky and threatened to fight him, got in his face, poked his chest and proceeded to tell Gamberzky he didn’t do enough for his country because ‘he came back alive’ (after Gamberzky was shot in Afghanistan in 2014); all of this stemmed from the shirt incident.

The volunteer said it goes against the Hatch Act, which is not true because Luna’s husband is not a federal employee.

Another volunteer made off-color racial remarks and claimed that the couple are not veterans before the event, according to witnesses.

Ronalee S. Klase, the coordinator of the Wreaths Across America ceremony, said in response to the incident, “[There] were some who seemed to feel that it was the time to attempt to fight with some who were participating in the event [Luna & Gamberzky] … Those people know who you are.”

Makki has been endorsed by several Pinellas County Mayors, current and retired – notably, Mayor John Hendricks, a pro-veteran Republican.

“Amanda cares deeply about the people in Pinellas County and she’ll work tirelessly for all of us,” his endorsement reads.

FCV reached out to Mayor Hendricks and Makki regarding the incident involving her campaign and has not yet received a response.

After time of publishing, FCV received a comment from the mother of one of the reported Makki volunteers:

It appears the disinformation campaign regarding the events at Bay Pines for Wreaths Across America continue. I had hoped that several politically interested parties would have reached out in a true journalistic form to gather the facts; however, it appears that will not be done. There are numerous references in various “articles” and on several social media channels that state an Amanda Makki staffer verbally and physically threatened Andy Gambersky, the spouse of candidate Anna Luna Paulina. This is untrue. Mr Gambersky and Ms. Paulina chose to wear Anna Luna Paulina for Congress attire to the event which for her, at the very least is a violation of the Hatch Act. Both Ms. Paulina and Mr. Gambersky were asked to turn their shirts inside out – Ms. Paulina complied Mr. Gambersky did not. When he exited the “stage” an young man, who was volunteering for Wreaths Across America and not an Amanda Makki staffer which has been MISREPORTED, asked Mr. Gambersky why he did not turn his shirt. Mr. Gambersky then verbally accosted the young man stating among other things “I took a bullet for you.” “Go fuck yourself” – these fact have so conveniently been left out. The young man did not swear at nor physically accost Mr. Gambersky.

Mr. Gambersky is the SPOUSE of a candidate who at the very least should have exercised restraint and could have simply walked away. Instead, he chose to verbally accost an 18-yr old volunteer at the event and then go on to play the victim.  This is a most unfortunate event on so many levels and quite frankly I hope the inflammatory nature of all of this coverage ceases immediately. It is libelous in nature.

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