Xenophobe in Chief – President Biden Tells Migrants to ‘Not Come’

March 22, 2022 Updated 11:21 AM ET

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This is how you media, right?

In all serious, we’re seeing a crisis at the US Southern Border unlike any other in history.

The Department of Homeland Security says they’re on pace to stop more illegal border crossings this year than in the last 20.

CBS reports the US has more than 13,000 unaccompanied minors in custody, aka cages, am I right, media? That is actually a record. I’m curious, how long until Representative AOC visits, gets on one knee and cries in front of an empty parking lot for a photo op?

President Joe Biden sat down for an exclusive interview with ABC, Tuesday night. In it he said the migrants shouldn’t come and they’re sending adults and families back.

It was the right move and rhetoric from the President, but if this was Donald Trump saying this, Nancy Pelosi would be gearing up for her 3rd impeachment.

The President refuses to refer to this as a crisis and says he has no plans of visiting the Southern Border. This is more than likely a decision made by his staff so the media pool doesn’t get a first hand look at this.

To say Biden deserves no blame, is pure ignorance. Need proof? Look no further than this picture. Who paid for those shirts?

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