‘YOU HAD OUR BACKS’: Floridians Thank DeSantis in Re-Election Ad for Standing Against Lockdowns, Keeping Schools Open

September 6, 2022 Updated 10:41 AM ET

DeSantis campaign event

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – The Ron DeSantis campaign’s latest re-election television and digital advertisement showcases Floridians who are thankful for the governor’s policies.

The 60-second ad spotlights different Floridians talking about the Gov. Ron DeSantis’ accomplishments including policies related to public safety, veterans, the economy, education, and COVID response.

The ad is being aired by the Republican Party of Florida statewide and is titled “Results.” Here is a breakdown of the new ad:

“You saved our jobs…And kept us going.”

DeSantis prioritized keeping businesses open during the pandemic, which saved thousands of jobs.

“They tried to shut us down, but you saved our business.” 

Because the governor fought to keep businesses open unlike other states, Florida’s economy continues to thrive. Florida leads the national average in unemployment rate, labor force growth rate, and total private sector unemployment growth rate.

“You had our backs.”

The governor has focused his efforts on increasing pay for law enforcement. He also signed legislation making it difficult for local governments to defund the police.

“…And honored our service.”

The campaign highlights how DeSantis allotted more than $32 million for veteran facilities and nursing homes. He also provided scholarships for veterans with disabilities to attend higher education and signed legislation for a veteran suicide prevention program.

“You led by facts, not fear.”

The DeSantis Administration has long said their response to the COVID pandemic was driven by data instead of politics. For example, the governor did not impose vaccine mandates. The administration also did not promote the vaccine for young kids.

“… And you let us decide.”

The governor stands against vaccine requirements. He repeatedly has said no person should be asked for a “vaccine passport” to eat at a restaurant.

“You let me go to school… You gave me a voice.”

Florida was one of the first states in the country to provide the option for in-person learning across the state. The campaign has amplified the governor’s “pro-parent, pro-student” approach to regulating schools. He rejected mandates and signed legislation to provide curriculum transparency. The governor also signed legislation prohibiting teachers from teaching gender identity in K-3 grade levels.

“You put us first…And didn’t let them keep us apart.”

DeSantis signed the “No Patient Left Alone Act” to make sure families can visit their loved ones in hospitals and long-term care facilities.

“You let us learn.”

The governor signed legislation to expand eligibility requirements for the Bright Futures Scholarship Program.

“You let us compete…All of us.”

The DeSantis Administration fought to allow Special Olympic athletes without COVID vaccine papers to compete in the Orlando games. He also signed the “Fairness in Women’s Sports Act” in 2021.

“You protected our right to worship together in person.”

The governor signed legislation making religious services “essential” during emergency lockdowns. The law will help make sure religious institutions can meet in person.

“…And you raised our pay.”

The campaign touts the historic $24.3 billion budget for K-12 public education. The average base salary for teachers was bumped to $48,000 last year and teachers also received a $1,000 bonus.

“You protected our waters…And kept Florida beautiful.”

The campaign said DeSantis pledged to secure $2.5 billion for Everglades restoration and protection of water resources.

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