Young Republicans National Federation Under Independent Audit After Accusations of Mismanaged Money

August 30, 2022 Updated 6:43 PM ET


FLORIDA (FLV) – The Young Republicans National Federation’s (YRNF) auditor called for an independent audit of the organization’s records after there were accusations of mismanaged funds.

YRNF Auditor Jessica Fernandez sent the letter to Chairman Rick Loughery Aug. 27 regarding a recent 501(c)(4) named YRs Run.

“As Auditor, I am calling for an independent audit of YRNF’s records for the last twelve months to show unequivocally that YRNF has operated above board while YRs Run has been in existence,” Fernandez said.

The auditor requested access to all YRNF documents including bank statements, invoices, receipts, and other financial documents between the dates of Aug. 26, 2021 and Aug. 26, 2022.

“Over the last several months, I have become aware of accusations of mismanagement of YRNF funds. And further, the potential commingling of funds with a recently-established 501(c)(4) named YRs Run,” she said.

Fernandez cited how a former member of DC Young Republicans, Maria Giannopoulos, resigned from planning YRLC 2022 after she believed the YRCL was planning through an “unaffiliated, unaccountable non-profit organization.”

The auditor also noted how the National Committee has not adopted a budget “because one has never been presented to them.”

“As conservatives, we strictly abide by this standard because we firmly believe in living within our means. Budgets are also tools to ensure the highest standards of fund management,” Fernandez said.

Disbursements of less than $1,200 should be approved by the Executive Director and the National Board can approve disbursements in excess of $5,000, the letter says.

“YRLC is a massive undertaking and certainly requires disbursements of these sizes, yet the National Board never considered their approval. I am concerned this lends credence to the accusation that the operation of YRLC was handled by YRs Run, not YRNF,” Fernandez said.

If the documents are not provided by Sept. 3, Fernandez said she would call for an investigation.

The Florida Federation of Young Republicans announced Saturday they withdrew from the Young Republican National Federation. The Florida federation claimed the national federation overstepped its authority and interfered in state federation business.

“For months, the Florida Federation of Young Republicans (FFYR) has been held hostage by the Young Republican National Federation’s unconstitutional actions, despite FFYR operating in good faith to unite and forward our mission of electing Republicans,” Florida Young Republicans said on Twitter.

Florida Federation of Young Republicans has 753 members and 17 chapters.

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