DeSantis Says Florida Will Remain Free of New Mask Mandates and Lockdowns

July 23, 2021 Updated 5:19 PM ET

by: Tyler Shaw

As many federal health experts have begun advocating for new widespread mask mandates and lockdowns in response to the COVID-19 delta variant, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis says Florida will remain free and will reject instituting new mask mandates and lockdowns.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recently recommended that masks be worn indoors by anyone who is two and older and not fully vaccinated.

With COVID-19 vaccines only available for children over the age of 12, the CDC suggests young children should be masked anytime they are indoors including during their 7 hour school day.

In a press conference Wednesday, Governor DeSantis called for a “normal school year” to allow students to “learn like normal kids” and commented on the possibility of governments instituting new mask mandates saying, “It’s totally unacceptable to have any level of government imposing that [mask mandates] on parents and on kids.”

DeSantis went on to comment on the possibility of lockdowns returning due to the delta variant saying, “If anyone is calling for lockdowns you’re not getting that done in Florida. I’m gonna protect people’s livelihoods, I’m gonna protect kids’ rights to go to school, I’m gonna protect people’s rights to run their small businesses.”

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