Florida Democrats Lose Almost 100,000 Voters in 2022, Republicans Make Sweeping Gains Under DeSantis

August 22, 2022 Updated 2:54 PM ET

DeSantis Win

TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Data from the Florida Department of State shows Republicans have gained voters since January 2022 in 59 out of 67 counties and losses in only 8. Democrats saw losses in 57 counties and gains in only 10.

Voter registration is reported monthly by the state government’s Division of Elections. Florida’s Voice compiled data from January and July 2022 to determine gains and losses by political party in each county and statewide.

Republicans gained 68,156 voters as of July since the year began, while Democrats lost 95,284.

The gains that Democrats made in 10 of the Sunshine State’s 67 counties were all below 2,000.

Broward County saw larger partisan gains and losses, but those were unfavorable to Democrats. In Broward, Republicans lost 8,103 while Democrats lost 32,944, almost quadruple the amount.

Democrats also witnessed large losses in Duval, Hillsborough, Miami-Dade, Orange, and Polk counties.

In Miami-Dade, Democrats lost 13,599, and in Hillsborough County, 7,008.

Republican gains were not concentrated in only a few counties – in many counties, they made gains of 1,000 or more.

Earlier in July, Florida Republicans officially overtook Democrats by approximately 200,000 voters. As of July, data shows Republicans with a statewide lead of 230,915.

The partisan gains and losses for 2022 come as the election cycle has kicked up and Democrats face an increasingly bleak blowout in Nov. Democrat strategists are reportedly pessimistic of their electoral performance in Florida and say that liberal groups are pulling back funding.

Florida has seen strong economic growth since reopening the state. Florida’s job growth rate exceeded the United States’ rate which DeSantis said is due to his decision to keep the state’s economy open. Florida will also have more than $20 billion in reserves, making it the largest budget surplus in the state’s history.

DeSantis’ policies are in stark contrast to Democratic-run states that required masks and vaccine passports, which sent residents fleeing to Florida.

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