Patriot Talk Show Highlights 11/30/21

By Leah Leonard, Florida's Voice

December 4, 2021 Updated 12:09 PM ET


Naples (FCV) – Tuesday, November 30, 2021, Florida’s Conservative Voice hosted another great Patriot Talk Show, hosted by Brendon Leslie, Alfie Oakes, and Drew Montez-Clark. Our special guests were General Michael Flynn and Lee County School Board Candidate, Armor Persons. 

To start the show, Brendon and Drew spoke about the contract between Seed to Table and the Lee County School District that was recently cancelled due to Alfie Oakes speaking on Black Lives Matter and COVID on social media. Despite Alfie exercising his First Amendment rights on social media, the contract was cancelled because the school district did not agree with what he said. 

As a candidate for Lee County School Board, Armor hopes that Alfie applies for the contract again and believes he will win. Also, Armor discusses that parental rights exceed the school board’s rights. He stated, “The school board is not very good at raising kids, that is not what they were elected to do.” 

Next, Drew asks Armor about the teacher’s unions and the power they hold. Armor explains that students were forced to wear masks at school last year, and despite the parents wanting masks to become optional, the union was able to block it. Thus, children continued to be forced to wear masks at school. 

Then, Brendon engaged with the crowd for the exciting announcement of the indefinite suspension of CNN’s Chris Cuomo. Alfie said that this is a win, and discussed how hungry the American people are for truthful media. He explained that we need to take this country back. 

Our next guest was brought onto the stage: General Michael Flynn. The first topic that was discussed was independent media, like The Patriot Talk Show. General Flynn explained how much demand there is for independent media, and how fast podcasts are growing. This is important for factual news and gives conservatives a voice. 

Furthermore, General Flynn encourages conservatives to focus on the “wins” in this country, such as the Kyle Rittenhouse verdict. He mentions that these wins are keeping our rights alive. General Flynn also explains how COVID mandates are unconstitutional and are an attempt to control the people.

At the end of the show, General Flynn told viewers that we are living in a time of national crisis, and he encouraged everyone to become more engaged and to learn more about our country. 

December 2, 2021 Updated 5:48 P.M. ET

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