Democrats Lie, Claim Floridians Cannot Protest Due to Anti-Riot Law in Wake of Cuba

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:21 PM ET

This week, large-scale protests have erupted in Cuba opposing the socialist regime.

The government has been criticized by Cubans and Americans alike for being too controlling over the economy, chiefly resulting in inflation that is out of control and showed consequences like famine. The COVID-19 pandemic has been used as an excuse for Cuban government’s policies to become more draconian. 

Florida Representative Omari Hardy (D) tweeted a response to the protests. He claimed that by protesting in Cuba, they are exercising a right they are not afforded in America due to a Governor Ron DeSantis-supported anti-rioting law.

Florida’s Conservative Voice reached out to one of Hardy’s colleagues, Florida Representative Spencer Roach (R), for a comment on the matter.

“His remarks are appalling. Representative Hardy’s implication that Cuba is freer than Florida is an insult to all Cuban-Americans who lived under the iron-yoke of socialism. Florida has been a beacon of hope and a land of opportunity for generations of Cuban-Americans, and I think most Democrats and Republicans are united in their support for the Cuban people,” he responded.

“This sophomoric attempt to politicize their struggle makes a mockery of their sacrifices.”

Rioting is understood as involving violence and/or destruction of property. On the other hand, peaceful protest is a right afforded to all Americans and is not restricted under the Republican-supported Florida law.

The anti-rioting legislation was signed by DeSantis in April to the outcry of the American left, who by-and-large justified the Black Lives Matter and Antifa riots that began in late-Spring 2020.

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