DeSantis Announces $4 Million for Northeast Florida Project Bringing Jobs, Touts Investment in Economic Development

June 20, 2022 Updated 10:51 AM ET

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June 20, 2022 Updated 10:51 A.M. ET

CALLAHAN (FLV) – Gov. Ron DeSantis announced $4 million in grants to the town of Callahan to construct a clean water supply plant at Crawford Diamond Industrial Park. 

“People are interested in investing in Florida. People are interested in having industry in manufacturing in Florida more than they’ve ever had before,” DeSantis said. “And so we’ve been really, really supportive of that.”

DeSantis said the money comes from the Governor’s Job Growth Grant Fund which is used to support projects across the sunshine state. The fund has been used to build roads and services for industrial parks in order to attract businesses and workers. 

“To make sure we have the underlying infrastructure in place, so that you can expand industry and you can expand manufacturing,” he said. 

The Governor is a staunch supporter of people attending trade schools and learning the manufacturing and industrial industries. He has focused on economic development and job training.

“The good thing about that, you don’t go deep into debt like some private four year university where they charge you $50,000 a year,” he said. “You’ll be able to go have very modest or even no debt at all to get good skills, and then be making a good living right off the bat.”

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