DeSantis’ Office: Chuck Schumer’s Mass Amnesty is Not the Solution to Workforce Shortages

November 17, 2022 Updated 11:46 AM ET


WASHINGTON, D.C. (FLV) – Democrat Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer faced criticism from the DeSantis Administration over his calls for amnesty for 11 million illegal immigrants residing in the U.S.

Speaking to the press outside of the U.S. Capitol Grounds, Schumer said, “The only way we’re gonna have a great future in America is if we welcome and embrace immigrants, the dreamers and all.”

Gov. Ron DeSantis’ press secretary, Bryan Griffin, blamed the federal government for causing skilled workers to remain out of the workforce. He said states should institute training to encourage workforce development, not rely on illegal immigration.

Griffin pointed to Florida’s efforts to accomplish that goal.

In September, DeSantis awarded nearly $30 million to support workforce development in the Space Coast region as part of a groundbreaking, multi-agency initiative to support competitive industries in the area.

“I set a goal to make Florida the best state in the nation for workforce education by 2030 — and we are doing that by making investments that expand opportunity and meet industry needs,” said DeSantis. “Currently there are over 91,000 manufacturing and aerospace technology-related jobs on the Space Coast and this $30 million investment will build more opportunities for Floridians.”

DeSantis’ workforce development includes technical job training and experience with lasting demand to hedge against economic uncertainty, an alternative to traditional and expensive four year degrees to avoid debt, empowers people to provide for themselves and their families through skill and desirable trades in the competitive market, and a conservative solution that increases self-sufficiency and results in economic elevation.

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