DeSantis on Biden Low Approval Ratings: ‘Try Looking in the Mirror for Once’

June 3, 2022 Updated 7:37 AM ET

Gov. Ron DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, January 30, 2019.
Gov. Ron DeSantis and Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran, January 30, 2019.

June 3, 2022     Updated 7:35 A.M. ET

VILLAGES (FLV) –  Gov. Ron DeSantis Thursday pointed out President Joe Biden’s low approval ratings as soaring gas prices and inflation continue to plague the United States. 

“You want to know why your approval ratings are in the toilet, try looking in the mirror for once,” DeSantis said at a press conference. 

Biden’s approval rating among Americans toppled to a record low of 36% last week. Thursday’s poll shows the President rose 6 percentage points to 42%.

DeSantis attacked Biden for waging “war” against American energy production causing record gas prices. The Governor criticized him for continuing to print and borrow money, sparking record inflation. The Governor also said the President “failed” to alleviate the supply chain issues in the country. 

“He has created the circumstances that have led to this resounding disapproval of what he has done,” DeSantis said. “He would have been better off and we would be better off if he had simply gotten into office and did nothing than what he has done so far.”

DeSantis signed Florida’s $109.9 billion budget Thursday providing “record breaking” investments. 

DeSantis Signs ‘Freedom First’ Budget: ‘We’re Protecting Your Money’

DeSantis said the state has more than $20 billion in reserves which he said will help prepare the state in case federal policies lead the country into a recession. 

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