EXCLUSIVE: Florida-Based Company Plans to Cover Sex Reassignment Surgeries

November 23, 2022 Updated 1:41 PM ET


JACKSONVILLE (FLV) – The Jacksonville-based company, Crowley, announced its medical plans would cover reassignment surgeries.

Florida’s Voice obtained a document from Crowley’s benefits department that outlines “key changes” for 2023.

The document sent to employees said medical plans will cover reassignment surgery. It also listed coverage for travel benefits up to $2,500 “for services unavailable within 100 mile radius of your home.”

Florida’s Voice called Crowley’s communications office multiple times. Florida’s Voice is asking whether travel expenses apply for the sex reassignment surgeries. Another question includes whether the travel expenses apply to the employee’s family members, including minors.

Sex reassignment surgeries are legal for adults in Florida. However, Florida medical boards recently banned those under the age of 18 from receiving sex reassignment surgeries.

Medical Boards Ban Puberty Blockers and Gender Transition Surgeries for Minors

Crowley is a U.S.-owned and operated logistics, marine and energy solutions company that serves commercial and government customers.

Crowley’s headquarters are located in Jacksonville with other services located in Medley, Miami, and Tampa. The company also has locations in more than a dozen states and countries across the world.

Brendon Leslie contributed to this report.

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