Explaining Gov. DeSantis’ executive order, how it impacts schools and businesses

May 4, 2021 Updated 10:59 AM ET

Loads of questions and confusion surrounding Governor Ron DeSantis’ latest executive order which immediately ends all local Covid-19 emergency mandates. We have been pressing officials to explain further and we have your answers.


The number one question I’ve gotten from hundreds of you: does this end mask mandates in the school districts?

The answer: no.

The Department of Education took the entire day to research this new law. Here is the exact response I got from them:

EO-21-101 is the executive order banning these mandates for businesses and EO-21-102 is the order making this new law start immediately.

Keep in mind, the Florida education commissioner told all the districts to make masks optional for students in the next school year. This madness should end in the very near future.


If you read both orders, you’ll see DeSantis is only speaking about businesses. So, what does that mean?

The answer: no municipality can enforce any sort of mandate (masks, social distancing, capacity limits, etc) and or fine any business for not following these rules. Here’s the caveat, should a business decide on their own to implement these sort of mandates, they are allowed.

To sum it up, DeSantis is living up to his conservative principles. He’s letting individuals decide how to run their business instead of the Government. Does it suck some places will still ask you to wear a mask? Sure does. Remember, this is America and they have their rights to be stupid just like we have our rights to not shop in their establishment because of their stupidity.

The golden egg in all of this? DeSantis banned vaccine passports from ever being used in Florida, so a business owner cannot keep you out if you don’t divulge your personal health records.

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