FACT CHECK: DeSantis is not Buying a Private Plane “For His Use Only”

March 14, 2022 Updated 5:21 PM ET

March 14th, 2022 Updated 5:11 P.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Agriculture Commissioner and candidate for Florida governor Nikki Fried (D) went after Governor Ron DeSantis (R) for the purchase of new government jets that the Governor could use.

However, the Freedom First Budget that DeSantis recommended did not include the purchase of new state planes. The planes would not be “exclusively” for DeSantis’ use – it would be permitted under the use of cabinet members and legislative leaders.

In 2019, Fried supported the idea of the purchase of a new executive state plane.

“Cost-effective and responsible use of state aircraft would enhance our situational response and our availability to the people of Florida,” she said in 2019. The statements came after an incident occurred during a flight with DeSantis, Attorney General, and four staffers.

“Air things dropped from the ceiling,” DeSantis remarked.

The proposed plane purchase is SB 2512, “Aircraft,” where there would be a purchase of two executive jets which permit cabinet officials, State Supreme Court officials, and various legislative leaders to use the plane.

“Aircraft one” has a priority order of the Lieutenant Governor, Cabinet officers, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, and Justices of the Supreme Court.

“Aircraft two” includes the President of the Senate or Speaker of the House of Representatives, chairs of standing committees, appointed secretaries and executive directors in the executive branch, and Chairs of the Florida Gaming Control Commission, Public Service Commission, and the Florida Commission on Offender review.

Christina Pushaw told FCV that “Fried herself knows what a state plane is because she advocated to buy more of them in 2019.”

“The state plane is ONLY used for official business. Not for campaign or personal travel,” she continued.

“Fried is accusing the governor of violating the law, and she has zero evidence of that, because it never happened.”

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