Florida Leaders Provide Supplies, Help Impacted Floridians in Recovery Efforts

October 4, 2022 Updated 3:00 PM ET

Cory Mills helping distribute water to Hurricane Ian-impacted Florida community, Oct. 4, 2022.
Cory Mills helping distribute water to Hurricane Ian-impacted Florida community, Oct. 4, 2022.

FLORIDA (FLV) – Florida leaders, both Democrat and Republican, across the state have helped give supplies and raise money for communities ruined and devastated by Hurricane Ian. 

Republican nominee for Florida’s 7th Congressional District, Cory Mills, provided cases of water to residents facing high floodwaters. 

“Whether it’s Americans left in Afghanistan, or Floridians in need here in the 7th District, I will always ‘walk the walk,’” Mills said. “Time for talk is over! Time for action is NOW! #FLStrong.”

State Rep. David Borrero drove a truckload of supplies to a neighborhood in Fort Myers Saturday after hearing about the devastation. People flocked to the truck for the packages of cleaning supplies, protein bars, water bottles, and soup.

Additionally, Florida State Rep. Daniel Perez brought supplies with State Rep. Vance Aloupis from Miami to Suncoast Community Center. They brought proteins and meats to distribute to those in need after Hurricane Ian.

“Our hearts continue to be with our neighbors in Southwest Florida.”

“If you haven’t yet, please consider donating to the Florida Disaster Fund by texting DISASTER to 20222,” shared Perez.

Democrat candidate for governor Charlie Crist was seen visiting affected locals in Central Florida.

Crist was accompanied by State Rep. Anna Eskamani and State Rep. Maxwell Frost. Together, they visited a neighborhood in West Orange County, delivering goods and basic necessities to those struggling after Hurricane Ian.

“Our communities are hurting right now, but we are resilient- we will rebuild together,” said Crist.

Gov. Ron DeSantis has been all over recovery efforts since Ian made landfall. The Sunshine State governor was seen serving first responders at a Waffle House days after the storm.

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