Host Defends Church Drag Show for Kids: ‘It’s No Different Than Tipping a Street Entertainer’

July 13, 2022 Updated 4:06 PM ET

Naples United Church of Christ in Naples, Florida
Naples United Church of Christ in Naples, Florida

July 13, 2022 Updated 4:06 P.M. ET

NAPLES (FLV) – One of the hosts of a kid drag show at a Naples Church defended the entertainment that was provided for kids ages 12 to 18 in May. 

The Naples United Church of Christ hosted a “Youth Pride Conference” in May which featured a drag show and an “exploration of LGTQ-related issues facing today’s youth.”

Daniel Selvey Shaw, who reportedly is a representative for GLSEN Collier County, put together the pride conference at the church. 

“I hosted a conference for teens that included a drag show as the entertainment portion! And I did so proudly,” Shaw said on Facebook

“There is nothing inherently wrong with a drag show anymore than male actors playing female roles in Shakespeare plays, or actors and actresses playing roles of the opposite gender.”

Shaw’s comments came during an exchange with Florida’s Voice Editor-in-Chief Brendon Leslie. Leslie posted a picture of a child handing a dollar bill to a drag show performer at the Naples Pride Fest with the caption “this is not appropriate.”

People in the comments were outraged that parents would take kids to drag shows. Drag shows for children have been a controversial topic across the country. Gov. Ron DeSantis has said his office would look into ways to prevent kids from being exposed to drag shows. 

“It’s no different than tipping a street entertainer or inviting a clown or magician to perform,” Shaw said. “Drag is an artistic expression largely associated with queer culture. Most saying that drag is inappropriate have never been to a kid-friendly drag show.”

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