Lee County Commissioner, Former State Lawmaker Frank Mann Dies

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

June 21, 2022 Updated 1:14 PM ET

Lee County Commissioner Frank Mann (@LeeCountyFLBOCC, Twitter).
Lee County Commissioner Frank Mann (@LeeCountyFLBOCC, Twitter).

June 21, 2022 Updated 12:21 P.M. ET

LEE COUNTY (FLV) – Lee County Commissioner and former state lawmaker Frank Mann died Tuesday morning.

Mann served for more than 15 years on the Board of County Commissioners for Lee County. He also served in the Florida House of Representatives for eight years and served four years in the Florida Senate. 

“Frank Mann was a passionate champion for his community and a mentor to me,” Former House member Matt Caldwell said. “He deserves deep credit for my entry into politics and he was always there to cheer us on, bringing this sign and signature wide grin to our kickoff in 2017. He will be dearly missed. Godspeed my friend.”

The Lee County native served as chairman of the Lee County Commission, served on the Lee County Port Authority, and the Tourist Development Council. 

“Be Careful With Paradise” was Mann’s motto while in office.

“If we’re not careful we could destroy that paradise with overdoing it with the asphalt and the concrete and that’s what I guard against and fight against all of the time,” Mann said. 

Republican State Rep. Jenna Persons-Mulicka called Mann a great man, public servant and mentor who served Lee County for decades in public office. 

“But more importantly, he was a good friend to so many in our community and his legacy will live on. When we had the opportunity to say goodbye two weeks ago, Frank told me that he would be auditioning for the Grande Legislature in the sky and he would send me a note,”  Persons-Mulicka said. 

“A sad day for Lee County and all of SW Florida. Long-time public servant Frank Mann passed this morning. As a former State Senator, @sfwmd Governing Board Member, and Lee County Commissioner, he leaves this world a better place and will be missed. My prayers are w his family,” Chauncey Goss with the South Florida Water Management District said on Twitter

Florida’s Voice Founder and Editor-in-Chief Brendon Leslie covered Lee County politics for 4 years. 

“Frank was a man I didn’t agree with on a whole lot of things, but I respected him. Didn’t matter the time of day, he would sit down to discuss his viewpoints and policy decisions. He was a leader, a kind man and a fixture in Lee County,” Brendon said. 

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