Local Reporter Fired for Recording Allegations Against Republican Representative

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:22 PM ET


In April, CBS 2 Idaho Reporter Emri Moore’s press credentials were revoked by the Capitol Correspondents Association of Idaho for covering allegations against Republican Idaho state representative Aaron von Ehlinger.

Moore stated that the intern testifying against Ehlinger asked to be recorded at the testimony. When Moore began to film her, she shouted and walked off the floor. Moore followed her and the intern got in her face, causing Moore to fear a physical altercation.

After the hearing, CBS 2 issued a statement saying “The CBS2 family is committed in the belief that all victims deserve to be listened to and shown respect, and we apologize for this oversight,” referring to Moore.

Moore’s press credentials were the only ones revoked for covering the hearing.

The intern wanted to drop the charges after they were filed, FCV News was told.

Ehlinger was never charged with a crime.

Conservatives are concerned silencing journalists for recording allegations against a public official is a dangerous precedent.

Since the “Me Too” movement began, the American left has supported the idea of assuming guilt based on claims, going against the typical legal doctrine of “innocent until proven guilty.”

The American justice system is premised on “innocent until proven guilty” to ensure justice.

FCV reached out to CBS 2 and the Idaho Capitol Correspondents Association for comment and has not yet received a response.

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