Media Attacks Private Business for not Enforcing a Mask Mandate.. Again

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:42 PM ET

mino naples

It’s the same dog and pony show. A private business, deciding privately, to not enforce a mask mandate, which is actually unenforceable in the state of Florida thanks to Governor Ron Desantis, is being dragged through the mud by the media.

WINK News, a CBS affiliate covering all of Southwest Florida, reported how Mino Pizzeria in Naples has a sign on their door saying their employees will not wear masks and if you have a problem with it, dine elsewhere.

The reporter, Gina Tomlinson, actually did a fantastic job in showing both sides of the story. She’s not the issue.

The REAL issue is why make this a story? I can answer that for you- sex sells. What does that mean? Well, the media is OBSESSED with controversy, they know a story like this will help their ratings.

The media never takes into account the real life consequences their overhyped coverage can have on private citizens, such as the owner of Mino, Massimo Puglielli. Extreme leftists are a cult. It’ll become their wet dream to tear down this restaurant. Will anything bad happen? Probably not in the Republican stronghold, Collier County. But, never say never.

Puglielli told UnBossed Reporting he’s extremely busy since this news broke. He’s also been harassed but is seeing more support than ever.

Here are some simple facts. America is the freest nation on the planet. The government has zero constitutional authority to shut down businesses and force masks. These mandates have never gone through the proper legislative process to become law. I’ve spoken to dozen law enforcement officials about this, every time they say the same thing, we can’t enforce it.

What this restaurant is doing is exercising their rights. Thanks to the media and WINK News, millions of people think places like Mino are murdering people. But, sex sells, and the media doesn’t care what you think as long as they’re making money.

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