Media slams Giuliani for FBI probe but continues to ignore Hunter Biden

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:37 PM ET


We all know the song and dance. If you’re associated with President Donald Trump, the media and Department of Justice are coming after you.

FBI agents raided the New York City apartment of Trump’s lawyer Rudy Giuliani. Reports say Giuliani is being investigated for his ties with Ukraine and he may have committed a federal crime with their dealings.


But, no no no, Daddy Biden is in charge of the DOJ and little Hunter will be protected. Giuliani told Tucker Carlson he even offered the hard drives during the raid and they refused to take them, even though those devices fell under the scope of the search warrant.

Media didn’t cover the Hunter Biden story. Social media suppressed the story. Since then both entities have admitted it was a mistake in doing so. But, notice the difference? They didn’t hold back in blasting the Giuliani story all over the place with far less evidence.

Do a simple Google search of Hunter Biden and then Rudy Giuliani. You’ll notice the latter has negative stories plastered everywhere and former barely has his laptop mentioned.

Giuliani says he’s offered to sit down with the FBI to show them his devices they’ve seized. They never took him up on the offer. Coincidentally, now that Hunter’s daddy is President, they’re raiding his home, the Lincoln Project is getting leaks about the investigation and the media is dragging him through the mud.

Is this one big coincidence? Or a coordinated attack against Trump’s allies? You be the judge.

As far as what the future has in store, it’s anyone’s guess. This raid doesn’t guarantee charges will be brought forth against Giuliani, but what it does guarantee, a new platform for Republicans – “Dismantle the FBI”.

It appears we now have a rogue agency being used for political attacks. President Biden says he has no knowledge of this operation, but when can we ever take what that man says at face value?

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