MLB caves to fear, pulls ASG out of Georgia because of new voter integrity laws

By Brendon Leslie, Florida's Voice

April 2, 2021 Updated 6:33 PM ET

2021 asg

Major League Baseball pulled both their All Star Game and Draft out of Atlanta, Georgia in response to the state’s new voter integrity laws.

The bill is fantastic in many ways. It requires voter ID, shortens the absentee ballot window, meaning less time for fraudulent activity to occur and it made it illegal to offer voters gifts on polling lines.

The Left, with President Joe Biden taking the lead, have spun this into a “Jim Crow” bill. They’re telling the whole world this will hurt the minority community, with zero proof. They also love talking about how hungry and thirsty voters aren’t getting any supplies from people while waiting to vote.

It’s brainwashing, manipulation 101.

Since the dawn of voting, people have approached some at polls and offered them gifts in exchange they vote for their guy. This is fraud and illegal. Democrats know this, but in order to get the masses to lose their mind, they’re going to spin this as “volunteers” are banned from handing out water.

This is false. Anyone can drop off supplies and poll workers are allowed to hand them out. Or, maybe, just maybe, you bring your own water?

Major corporations such as Delta Airlines and Coca Cola have fallen for these lies and condemned the new bill.

Now the MLB is the latest to fall in line with the woke. See their statement here.

Georgia’s Governor, Brian Kemp is extremely disappointed in this decision.

The Atlanta Braves seem to agree with the Kemp’s disappointment.

The great irony in all this? The MLB says they’re against disenfranchising the Black Community, well… moving the ASG will do just that.

Atlanta’s population is majority black. The game and draft is projected to bring $100+ million in revenue to the city. Now, they’re getting nothing.

It’s a shame. Millions of Americans believe the lies the Left are pushing about this bill. In reality, it cuts down on voter fraud drastically. Something we’ve seen in so many elections.

But, alas, our society doesn’t reason with logic. Major Democrat politicians know what these new laws do. It cuts down on their chances of cheating and they’re not okay with that.

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