Patriot Talk Show Highlights 12/7/21

By Leah Leonard, Florida's Voice

December 10, 2021 Updated 1:50 PM ET


December 10, 2021 Updated 8:17 A.M. ET

NAPLES (FCV) – Tuesday, November 7, 2021, Florida’s Conservative Voice hosted another amazing Patriot Talk Show, hosted by very special guest Shemane Nugent, Patrick Dearborn, and Eric Daugherty. 

This week, we had two fantastic guests – Justin Porter, the director of sales for North American Herb and Spice, and Collier County Commissioner Bill McDaniel. 

To start our show, Justin explained that North American Herb and Spice is a Christian and conservative supplement company. During the pandemic, North American Herb and Spice remained open and did not require their employees to get vaccinated. 

To follow up, Shemane made the point that many doctors do not promote vitamins or supplements, which is vital to staying healthy. As North American Herb and Spice’s office stayed open during the pandemic, their employees had zero incidents of COVID-19 because they took many vitamins to maintain immunity. 

Next, Eric announced that it is the state of Florida’s new health initiative to encourage residents to take vitamins, exercise, and have a good diet to maintain good health. Therefore, Florida is not mandating vaccines and pills to the people as their only option. 

Later on, Eric also highlighted a recent news story about the Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis (R), founding a civilian state guard that will help Florida residents with hurricanes. This will also help Florida not rely on the federal government during natural disasters. 

Then, Shemane shared with us that she was releasing a documentary, “Killer House” that comes out this February. This is a documentary about toxic mold that can be hidden in many homes. This mold made her very sick. She sheds a lot of light on health and wellness, and that you must go outside of the mainstream media to learn about your health. 

Finally, our next guest Collier County Commissioner Bill McDaniel came on stage. His biggest tip for the community was “to get involved in local government, local government is the key to success.” 

Eric asked Bill one last question about his official stance on the leftist climate change alarmists. Bill answered, “The geological science does not lie, it shows all of the temperature[s rising and lowering],” he also stated, “…the human race has had little impact on what in fact is transpiring.” 

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to this week’s podcast! Join Brendon Leslie and his co-hosts for the next podcast at Seed to Table and live streaming every Tuesday at 7pm. We hope to see YOU there! 

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