Poll Shows DeSantis Crushing Opponents by 17+ Points

March 29, 2022 Updated 2:56 PM ET

DeSantis Win

March 29, 2022 Updated 2:39 P.M. ET

SAINT LEO (FCV) – A new poll from Saint Leo University shows Governor Ron DeSantis strongly outpacing his Democrat opponents for the 2022 governor’s race – Charlie Crist and Nikki Fried.

The poll completed 1,000 online surveys nationally and 500 among Florida residents. All Florida residents in the poll were likely voters.

On the Election of 2022, DeSantis polled with 49.2% of the vote to Crist’s 32.8%. 18% were undecided.

DeSantis racked in 50.6% of the vote when paired against Fried, who only got 27% of the vote. 22.4% were undecided, indicating even less Democrats willing to support her if she were the candidate than Crist, while more would support DeSantis against the current Agriculture Commissioner.

Senator Marco Rubio received 45% of the respondents’ favor while Democrat opponent Val Demings got 27.4%. 27.6% are undecided.

The same poll found that 33.2% wanted Biden to seek re-election.

The poll comes in line with other recent polls finding DeSantis with strong leads over Fried and Crist. However, with high tallies of undecided voters, the margin is likely to narrow, especially when one Democrat lands on the ticket and the Democrat Party consolidates around Crist or Fried.

DeSantis won against Democrat Andrew Gillum by under 1% in 2018. Many of his supporters note that since then, his campaign strategy has vastly improved. Now that DeSantis has emerged as a firebrand conservative candidate separate from Donald Trump, he holds a loyal base in Florida.

The election will be held on November 8, 2022.

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