Powerful FL Consultant Alex Bruesewitz Being Targeted by January 6th Committee

January 13, 2022 Updated 10:06 AM ET

CEO of X Strategies Alex Bruesewitz (left)
CEO of X Strategies Alex Bruesewitz (left)

January 13, 2021 Updated 10:03 A.M. ET

WASHINGTON (FCV) – Wednesday, CEO of X Strategies, Alex Bruesewitz, announced that the Democrat-run January 6th Committee has emailed him twice in 24 hours:

In his response to the heavily controversial committee’s communications, Bruesewitz declared he does not wish to speak with any member of the Committee, but has provided a public response to their communication.

“On January 6, 2021, I exercised my First Amendment rights in a lawful fashion in connection with the issues related to the 2020 President election and other elections,” he said.

“The Committee targeting me and others like me reeks of retaliation. I am active in national politics, raising money for and speaking on behalf of candidates for federal office. Some of the candidates I support are running against Committee members.”

Bruesewitz went on to explain why he believes the Committee is unlawful and shady: “It does not include the proper number of members, the proper party balance of members, or a Ranking Member selected in accordance with House rules and long-standing precedent. It is a constitutionally-rogue Committee stacked and packed to try to bring down President Trump and anyone who supported him.”

In the letter, the consultant declared that he would speak with the Committee “through counsel” if required: “If you need a Ted Talk from me on the First Amendment or a legal lecture on the separation of powers and what it means to live in a constitutional republic, that will certainly be done through counsel.”

“P.S. Who did Ray Epps work for?”

The heavily-criticized January 6th Committee was formed after a President Trump-inspired rally formed in Washington, D.C., where demonstrators broke off from President Trump’s peaceful speech and demonstrations to assault police officers and trespass on federal property.

At the time of reporting, no one has been charged with insurrection in connection to the January 6th rally.

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