USA Today defames Ryan Fournier, liberal media lies again

May 3, 2021 Updated 6:02 PM ET


“USA Today should reprimand their journalist, immediately, for her actions and publicly apologize”, Co-Founder of Students for Trump, Ryan Fournier told me in a passionate phone call.

It all started when Fournier posted this meme on Facebook.

It’s of President Joe Biden at his recent speech, with Vice President Kamala Harris and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Both of the women appear to have their eyes shut and the caption reads: “did Biden put them to sleep already?”. In the post, Fournier made it clear it was a joke.

That didn’t stop the liberal media from attacking him.

Mckenzie Sadeghi, a “fact checker” for USA Today, wrote this article “debunking” the meme. As if the joke wasn’t clear already…

Sadeghi emailed Fournier’s team about the post and they responded on 4/29 before the article was published. Bellow is their response.

Now go reread her article. She purposely left out their response, providing the crucial context behind the post. Now, all their readers have false impressions of Fournier.

“She should be ashamed of herself. She abrogated her duty as a “fact checker” by fact checking a meme, a joke. I made it very clear in my initial post this was a meme. Because she wants to excel in her career, rise up in the ranks, she went out of her way to defame me and to make a mockery of me. This is a threat to our 1st amendment as American citizens”, said Fournier.

What we have here is another attack on a prominent Conservative voice. The Democratic Party and mainstream media are in bed together. They’ll do anything to tear anyone down associated with former President Donald J. Trump.

This is what communism looks like. It’s up to us Conservative media members to fight back and fix this false information.

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