Democrat FL State Rep Anna Eskamani Lies that Abortion Clinic Was “Attacked”

January 28, 2022 Updated 4:02 PM ET

January 28, 2021 Updated 4:01 P.M. ET

FORT MYERS (FCV) – After nine protesters, including four children, were arrested for protesting at a Planned Parenthood site in south Fort Myers, Florida State Representative Anna Eskamani (D) claimed the clinic was “attacked” by extremists.

Despite a report from WINK News that the Lee County Sheriff’s Office confirming that there was “no violence with the protest,” Eskamani, a strong supporter of abortion, claimed that the Planned Parenthood site was “attacked by anti-abortion extremists.”

Eskamani’s characterization of the Planned Parenthood protest is incorrect. Planned Parenthood clinics have regular protests. This time, the protestors went on the property, but remained peaceful. Anti-abortion protestors usually try to explain to visitors that they will regret terminating their child, or to let the baby live and give him/her up for adoption if they do not have the resources to raise a child.

Brendon Leslie, Founder and Editor-In-Chief of FCV, called out Eskamani for her false characterization of the pro-life demonstration:

The pro-life demonstration came as the Florida State Legislature is pushing forward a bill to ban abortion in the Sunshine State after 15 weeks, with very few exceptions.

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