Nikki Fried Event Attendees Must Be Fully Vaccinated, Raising Policy Questions

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

March 28, 2022 Updated 10:09 AM ET

Nikki Fried event flyer, Emilio Ruiz (Twitter @EmilioRuizPR51)
Nikki Fried event flyer, Emilio Ruiz (Twitter @EmilioRuizPR51)

March 28, 2022 Updated 10:09 A.M. ET

FORT LAUDERDALE (FCV) – According to a campaign event flyer from Nikki Fried for Governor, the Agriculture Commissioner and Democrat primary candidate is requiring attendees of a Fort Lauderdale event to be “fully vaccinated.”

“Current CDC Protocols Required at the Event,” it says. “Venue Requires All Guests to be Fully Vaccinated to Attend.”

It is unclear how the unlisted venue will check for proof of vaccination. It is currently illegal for businesses to utilize ‘vaccine passport’ checks to allow patrons into businesses. If it is a private residence, the law does not apply.

FCV reached out to the Nikki Fried campaign on the venue type and has not received a response.

If a violation occurs, the Florida Department of Health will issue a “notice of violation” which results in fines of $5,000 per individual.

Christina Pushaw, Press Secretary for Governor Ron DeSantis, said to FCV, “Obviously, Nikki Fried would enact vaccine mandates if she became governor, because she is a democrat and democrats abhor medical freedom.”

“She will say otherwise, because she knows Floridians appreciate having a choice, thanks to Governor DeSantis. But make no mistake, actions speak louder than words – if she’s having a fundraiser with a vaccine passport, she endorses this discriminatory, unscientific and authoritarian policy.”

She continued, saying, “If it is true that ‘the venue requires vaccine passports [all guests to be fully vaccinated],’ and it’s a commercial venue, that venue should be reported to DOH to investigate possible violations of the vaccine passport ban.”

Fried has said she does not support vaccine mandates, but her words during the pandemic do not align with what she says present-day.

“1 in 5 COVID new cases are from Florida — but @GovRonDeSantis is still fighting the CDC in court on businesses requiring vaccines. He should drop the lawsuit. Taxpayer funds aren’t for attacking businesses’ ability to protect customers. Our economy depends on public health,” she said.

The measure that outlawed vaccine passports in Florida was backed by Governor Ron DeSantis and Florida Republicans.

“Florida, we’re a free state,” DeSantis previously said.

It is unclear whether Nikki Fired would support a vaccine passport system for the Florida government. private businesses, or both if elected.

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