67% Want Sexuality Teachings to be Left to Parents, Not Teachers, in Vindication for DeSantis

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

April 4, 2022 Updated 6:51 AM ET

DeSantis Belt

April 4, 2022 Updated 6:51 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Now that Governor Ron DeSantis has signed H.B. 1557, the Parental Rights in Education Act, into law, the culture war saw left-wing activists claiming that the legislation is ‘anti-LGBTQ’ and is the “Don’t Say Gay Bill,” despite the bill not barring the use of the word gay.

Republicans in support of the bill consistently repeated that most Americans and parents vehemently support the bill and oppose the idea of teachers discussing sexuality and gender orientation with American children as young as 5 – grades K-3.

A new poll from Harvard/Harris confirms that Republican belief.

Do you think info about sexuality should be taught in schools at kindergarten through third grade levels or should such topics be left to parents to discuss with their young children?,” it asked a pool of 1,990 U.S. registered voters. Results were slightly weighed.

According to the poll results, 67% of Americans want sexuality to be “left to parents to discuss with their children.” Women were 3% more likely to want the conversation left with the parents.

On the other hand, only 33% of Americans said that sexuality should be “taught in schools.”

There was a partisan split: 83% of Republicans want the teachings left to parents, with 49% of Democrats wanting the same. 69% of Independents agreed – putting Republicans more in line with Independents. Just 17% of Republicans disagreed, but a majority – 51% – of Democrats want sexuality taught in school.

Racially, white people were most likely to want sexuality to be taught by the parents rather than schools. Hispanic and black Americans were most likely to want it taught in schools.

Having a college education increased the likelihood of respondents wanting kids to be taught about sexuality in school. The further left the respondent also indicated a higher likelihood.

The more rural the respondent indicated an increased likelihood of wanting the conversation kept with the parents, as did making less than $75,000 per year.

The poll was comprised of 37% Democrats, 36% Republicans, 23% Independents, and 4% “other.” It was conducted March 23-24, 2022.

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