‘Back the Blue’ School Parking Spot Repainted: ‘We Respect Our Law Enforcement Partners’

By Lydia Nusbaum, Florida's Voice

August 25, 2022 Updated 4:04 PM ET

back the blue spot

ESTERO (FLV) – Lee County school district officials confirmed that a high school senior’s parking spot with the words “Back the Blue” has been repainted after the district originally painted over it.

Estero High School seniors can pay to paint their parking spots. A parent of the senior took to social media and said the school district painted over a “Back the Blue” parking spot because it was too controversial.

However, the district said the student did not follow the proper pre-approval process before painting so the design was removed. The student was allowed to submit a design to be approved for the spot.

Superintendent Dr. Christopher Bernier addressed the matter in a school board workshop Wednesday.

“There was an incident regarding a senior parking lot in the painting over a blue line. It had to do with permissions and other things and clearly, there could have been a lot of other ways to approach a situation other than what transpired,” Bernier said. “But that’s what did transpire.”

Bernier amplified the school district’s support for law enforcement.

“I want to be clear to the community and to our Facebook friends and other posts- that in no way does the Lee County School District not support its law enforcement officers,” he said. “We have a great relationship with our local chiefs. We have a great relationship with our local sheriff.”

“And law enforcement is a critical component to our students’ safety and their parents and teachers peace of mind regarding their work environment, and the environment in which our young people go to school.”

The parent originally posted this comment when the ‘Back the Blue’ design was first removed:

“When your senior gets to ‘paint a parking spot’ @ school, paid $15 to do it, and the school decides that “BACK THE BLUE” is too controversial… and not allowed… so the school paints over it the next day. Yeah… such a disappointment & shame! What message does this send to the students?” the mom said.

Here was the Lee County School District’s response:

“All students participating in the parking spot painting were required to submit a design for pre-approval, check in before painting and then check out so the spot could be inspected.  Those procedures were not followed so the design was removed.  The student is being invited to submit a design that matches their original painting so it can be approved and the spot repainted.”

The School District of Lee County

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