Casey DeSantis Recruits Former Law Enforcement and Veterans to Be Child Protective Investigators

June 23, 2022 Updated 8:38 AM ET

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June 23, 2022 Updated 8:34 A.M. ET

PENSACOLA (FLV) – First Lady Casey DeSantis launched a Continue the Mission Initiative to recruit veterans, military spouses and former law enforcement officers to serve as child protective investigators and case managers with the Department of Children and Families. 

The initiative also needs mentors for children in need. 

“Our veterans, military spouses and former law enforcement officers are a group of men and women who have dedicated their lives to serving our country and keeping our communities safe,” First Lady Casey DeSantis said.

“I am excited there is a new pathway for these heroes to ‘Continue the Mission’ through rewarding career and mentorship opportunities protecting Florida’s children. We are not only helping children across the state, but also helping veterans and retired law enforcement with their mental and emotional well-being who may feel as though they’ve lost their purpose once they’ve left active duty or have retired.” 

Department of Children and Families Secretary Shevaun Harris said recruiting mentors and candidates who have already succeeded in high-stress positions will help increase job retention within the department. 

“Serving our most vulnerable neighbors to assist them finding a pathway to prosperity is a noble undertaking. Making a difference in the lives of children and families is not only professionally and personally rewarding, but it’s the right thing to do,” Florida Department of Veterans’ Affairs Executive Director James Hartsell said. 

Child Protective Investigators develop deep relationships with the families of children. They get a sense of the family’s family dynamic. 

“I’m excited that our first lady is including veterans, military spouses and law enforcement agents to help benefit Florida’s families,” said Angela Nandin, Military Spouse. “I cannot think of a better sustained group of individuals to provide support to the families of Florida who are under stress. Thank you for loving our families and thank you for creating and strengthening programs that benefit our community.”

More information about Continue the Mission can be found here.

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