Child Gender Transitioning Picture Books Found in Cape Coral Library

July 8, 2022 Updated 4:45 PM ET


July 8, 2022 Updated 3:52 P.M. ET

CAPE CORAL (FLV) – The taxpayer-funded Cape Coral-Lee County Public Library children’s section contains picture books of children choosing whether they want to be a boy or girl. 

The books are similar to the ones found in the Sanibel Public Library, which recently sparked outrage among parents after Florida’s Voice first reported it.

Parents Outraged to Find ‘Inappropriate’ Gender Transitioning Children’s Books at Sanibel Public Library

One of the books labeled “Jack (Not Jackie)” is in the children’s section. The book tells the story of a young girl named Jackie who does not like dresses, so Jackie’s mom allows her to wear “whatever feels right” and cuts Jackie’s hair. 

The story goes on to share how Jackie changes her name to “Jack” and tells her sister she is now a “brother” instead of a sister. 

Another book called “I’m a Girl” depicts a cartoon character who is a boy but labels himself as a girl. 

“I’ve got just the book for a little boy like you,” the librarian said to which the main character responds “I’m a girl!”

Throughout the book, the character says “I’m a girl” until his friend accepts the statement at the end. 

A book labeled “My Maddy” tells the story of a transgender parent. 

“Most mommies are girls. Most daddies are boys. But lots of parents are neither a boy nor a girl. Like my Maddy,” the book said. 

The author’s note to readers at the end of the book said Maddy is used to describe a transgender or gender diverse parent. 

The library displayed other transgender-related kid books for Pride month like the book “Calvin.”

In the story, Calvin, who is a girl, believes she has always been a boy. The book depicts Calvin’s family supporting her gender change, purchasing boy clothes, and giving her a haircut to help her look like a boy. 

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