Florida lawmakers govern based on common sense with latest transgender bill

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:37 PM ET


In a night which seemed like all doom to conservatives with President Joe Biden delivering one of the most radical speeches in US history. Down in Florida, there was a small victory for common sense.

The state house passed HB 1475, otherwise known as Fairness in Women’s Sports Act, banning biological boys from playing in girl’s sports. A student’s eligibility would be determined by the sex on their birth certificate. The bill now awaits Governor Ron DeSantis’ signature.

State Representative Spencer Roach co-sponsored the bill and he says “HB 1475 is designed to protect the integrity of competitive sports and to ensure that women and girls do not become sideline spectators of their own sports.”

Florida State Representative Spencer Roach

As always, it was a heated debate in the Capitol with a vote going party lines, thankfully, Republicans have a comfortable control of the legislature.

“American sprinter, Allyson Felix, is the fasted woman in the world. She has more gold medals than Usain Bolt. But yet, her personal best in the 400 meters (49.26) can be beaten by hundreds of high school boys. Why is this the case? Because of biology. Because there are inherent biological differences between men and women”, Roach says.

Once signed into law, this is a major blow to the far left gender policies we see seeping into our schools across the state.

In Lee County, School Board members snuck this radical poster into the student code of conduct. It lays out policies saying students can use whatever bathroom of the gender they identify with and can participate in those sports as well.

UnBossed Reporting first broke this news, since then the parent outrage has been overwhelming. Demanding they repeal the policy. Members now have until their June 8th meeting to decide if they’ll implement their radical ideas for the next school year. But, the Fairness in Women’s Sports Act will be a major blow to their liberal agenda.

If the state legislature didn’t work on this Roach says “nearly 50 years after Title IX, all the gains women have made athletically, could be wiped away.”

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