Governor DeSantis Wins Major Victory over the CDC to Protect Florida’s Cruise Industry

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:29 PM ET

Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’s office issued a press release revealing their victory over a lawsuit against the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) regarding their vaccination requirement for cruise passengers.

DeSantis led Florida in the lawsuit against the CDC that picked up speed earlier this month.

The CDC originally issued a requirement for cruises to operate that would force passengers to be vaccinated. If cruise lines did not enforce this order, they would be unlikely to qualify for resuming regular voyages.

The countrywide order went contrary to Florida’s new law championed and signed by Governor DeSantis that would ban Florida businesses from requiring patrons from being vaccinated.

Florida’s new law applies to cruises that operate and depart from Florida.

The press release states that Judge Steven Merryday ruled in favor of Florida’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction. It reads that Merryday decided the “CDC’s restrictions are likely unconstitutional and overstepping their legal authority.”

In summary, the ruling from the Middle District Court of Florida found that no federal agency can require a vaccine passport. Additionally, it was found that the CDC needs to create an objectively measurable standard as a framework for businesses, rather than “forcing them to conduct burdensome and bureaucratic tests.”

Earlier in June, DeSantis predicted Florida would win the lawsuit and that the CDC was overstepping its authority.

“The CDC and the Biden Administration concocted a plan to sink the cruise industry, hiding behind bureaucratic delay and lawsuits. Today, we are securing this victory for Florida families, for the cruise industry, and for every state that wants to preserve its rights in the face of unprecedented federal overreach,” DeSantis announced. The full ruling can be found here.

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