Horrific Images Show Conditions Inside Biden’s Child Migrant Camps

March 22, 2021 Updated 12:42 PM ET


Project Veritas and Axios both came down with the hammer on President Joe Biden’s administration’s handling of migrant children. They released images like these showing thousands of children crammed together in a facility in Donna, Texas.

The Biden Administration still refuses to call this a crisis after the release of these photos.

Nearly 3,000 kids are being detained, according to reports. All of them are being held in eight of these “pods”- with up to 400 in each.

Mainstream media is shockingly doing their job and have reported sources saying many of these children are locked up longer than three days, which goes beyond what federal permits say they can be in custody for. Some haven’t seen sun in a week.

The Southern Border Crisis is spinning out of control for the Biden admin. All week, they’ve been deflecting questions and refusing to allow media inside this facility. Damn well knowing this is what they would find. Thankfully some whistleblowers came forward to Axios and Project Veritas.

On day one of the Biden Presidency, he vouched to be the most transparent President ever. Fast forward to last week, Press Secretary Jen Psaki doubled down on those claims while indirectly deflecting reporter’s questions about seeing the migrant facility.

Simultaneously, Psaki continues to blame the Crisis on the Trump administration. Biden said in a recent interview with ABC he never told illegal immigrants to come here. Well, check out this interesting conversation with one migrant.

Let’s not forget, all of this is going on during a Pandemic the Left has overhyped for over a year. You can’t go pray in church, but we can let thousands of people into the country, unchecked and cram them into taxpayer funded facilities. Got it.

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