Media Outlet Falsely Claims Brendon Leslie is Being Sued for Fraud, Lawsuit Thrown Out of Court

August 26, 2022 Updated 7:27 PM ET


FORT MYERS (FLV) – The Lehigh Acres Gazette claimed on August 19th that Florida’s Voice Editor-in-Chief Brendon Leslie is being sued for fraud.

VERDICT: False. The U.S. Middle District Court dismissed the lawsuit against the “LGB Coin” July 11th. Brendon Leslie’s name was not even listed as a defendant on the order for dismissal.

The now-dismissed complaint claimed the defendants’ “misleading promotions” of the LGB Coin artificially increased the price of the LGB tokens, “causing investors to purchase these losing investments at inflated prices.” The case was dismissed for “shotgun pleading,” which is an argument that “lacks sufficient clarify to allow the adversary fair notice of the claims or defenses against them.”

Leslie said LGB coin only paid Florida’s Voice to advertise.

However, the Lehigh Acres Gazette article claimed “everything about Leslie is a fraud.” The August article included a copy of complaint filed in April but failed to include information about the court dismissing the case in July.

“I’m not surprised they wrote this ‘editorial’ with ZERO facts. That’s what the fake news and RINOs do to their enemies,” Leslie said.

While the Lehigh Acres Gazette claims Leslie is a fraud, its publisher, Robert Anderson, was sentenced for two cases involving the charge of scheme to defraud.

For one of the cases, Anderson was sentenced to one year in the Lee County jail followed by four years of probation. In 2015, Anderson worked as an independent contractor and took money from the company’s accounts by having it electronically debited to pay for his personal utilities. The action was not authorized.

Anderson also pled no contest to a 2017 check kiting case.

“I find it ironic the man who runs the fake news Gazette is calling me a fraudster when he’s literally a convicted fraudster himself,” Leslie said.

Former State Attorney Candidate and Fort Myers lawyer Chris Crowley pitched the Leslie story to local news outlets in Southwest Florida, sources told Florida’s Voice. None of which took his pitch seriously.

Crowley has vocally criticized Brendon Leslie on social media for his Patriot Talk Show. In the very contentious Lee County School Board race, Leslie endorsed Jada Langford Fleming while Crowley has put his support behind her opponent Denise Nystrom.

In August of 2018, State Attorney candidate Chris Crowley faced two felony charges. He was charged with violating election laws and operating an illegal lottery.

“This is a coordinated attack from Lee County School Board Candidate Denise Nystrom and her narcissistic friends. I’ve made it my mission to rid Lee County of RINOs and that includes New York transplant, New York-liberal-career-school-system bureaucrat Denise Nystrom,” Leslie said. “Crowley and Denise seek to discredit Jada by trying to attack my character with lies. That’s what losers, leftists and RINOs do.”

Leslie said the story caused friends to reach out thinking he would be arrested.

“My close friends have reached out praying for me because they literally think I’m going to be arrested due to their lies,” Leslie said. “I gave Denise a chance to control her confidants. She ignored me. It’s disgusting.”

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