Patriot Talk Show Highlights 08/17/21

January 7, 2022 Updated 8:11 PM ET


August 19, 2021 Updated 12:00 P.M. ET

Tuesday, Brendon Leslie hosted another great podcast at Seed to Table, co-hosted with Drew-Montez Clark.  

Kicking off the show, our patriots discussed the most recent attempt that Lee County tried to mandate masks in their education system, directly violating the executive order signed by Ron DeSantis. 

The school board members do not have the power to mandate our health and safety. As a system, they are supposed to represent the students, their families, and the education they are receiving.  

The goal with this mandate was to pin the interim superintendent of schools into a difficult position. The interim superintendent got up and stated that there will be no mask mandates. Now, they want to corner and challenge him. A few hours after the show, Brendon tweeted on the fact that Lee County followed the law and did not push the mandate. Following the discussion of mandating masks, Drew and Brendon moved on to the hypocrisy that is seen between the health and safety of COVID-19 compared to almost anything else. 

The next topic that our patriots spoke on was the recent issue of pulling American troops out of Afghanistan.  

Earlier this week, President Biden pulled the military out of Afghanistan, but left everything else behind. Americans were left behind, including 30,000 ambassadors and interpreters, and now the Taliban is taking over. 

Drew stated, “Willful incompetence is intentional”. Joe Biden said just last month that the Afghan military has gotten stronger and would be okay on their own. And now the Taliban is taking over, and it hasn’t even been a week. To the United States, we are bringing over 30,000 Afghanis.

Next, Drew and Brendon touched base on the increasing immigration and what makes it confusing for this upcoming election. The borders are open. Afghanis can come in from the southern border. But on the other hand, we aren’t allowing Cubans who are fleeing communistic crisis? It all boils down to the question of whether it may be intentional to impact future elections from red to blue.  

To conclude the show, Brendon spoke on behalf of Alfie Oaks who has his own political action committee that is endorsing candidates like Drew-Montez Clark. He also touched on the Patriot Fest event on September 18th.

Thank you to everyone who tuned in to this week’s podcast! Join Brendon Leslie and his co-hosts for the next podcast at Seed to Table and live streaming every Tuesday at 7pm. We hope to see YOU there! 

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