Republican Jimmy Patronis Wins Re-Election as Chief Financial Officer

November 8, 2022 Updated 9:29 PM ET

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TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – Republican Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis was re-elected as Chief Financial Officer of Florida on Tuesday after he beat former Democrat state Rep. Adam Hattersley.

Patronis currently serves as Florida’s Chief Financial Officer and State Fire Marshal and has been working hard to add up accomplishments during his tenure.

He campaigned on successfully fighting to change the law to provide benefits for firefighters diagnosed with cancer, and mental health services for first responders who often experience trauma on the job.

Patronis has fought to reform Florida’s “assignment of benefits” laws that risked driving up home insurance premiums when contractors get homeowners to sign over their benefits in order to do repair work after storms. He recently helped win the fight to reform liability laws to protect Florida businesses that safely reopened during the COVID-19 pandemic from trial lawyers looking to form lawsuits against them.

Patronis also served on Gov. Ron DeSantis’ Reopening Florida Task Force during the pandemic. He is also currently fighting to reform the laws so Floridians can opt out of Big Tech being able to sell Floridians personal data for their own profit when they buy something online.

Hattersley was a member of the Florida House of Representatives as a Democrat from the 59th district in Hillsborough County from 2018 to 2020. A focal point of his campaign centered around making “Florida affordable again” and properly managing taxpayer dollars.

Hattersley is a Navy veteran and author. In 2016, Adam and his wife opened a small business helping other small businesses promote themselves. Hattersley has said he believes in putting “country before party” and believes our leaders in public office should be held to that same standard.

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