Tucker Carlson Makes Fun of Charlie Crist for ‘Pandering to Hispanic Voters,’ Invites Him on Fox

September 8, 2022 Updated 9:39 AM ET

Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, Sep. 7, 2022.
Tucker Carlson Tonight, Fox News, Sep. 7, 2022.

NEW YORK (FLV) – Fox News’ Tucker Carlson poked fun at Democrat candidate for governor Charlie Crist for “pandering” to Florida’s Hispanic voters and invited him on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Playing a video from the DeSantis War Room, Carlson offered viewers a “palate cleanser” of Crist “trying to pander to Hispanic voters.”

Crist is heard saying his various relatives migrated from various countries like Greece and Lebanon: “So the spicy, Hispanic-type food is not unnatural to me at all.”

Then, Crist is seen dancing to Latin music.

Laughing, Carlson says, “Why is Charlie Crist doing this, just to humiliate himself at late-middle age?”

“Charlie Crist is always welcome on this show to talk about his heritage, how he’s got a lot in common with the ‘LatinX community,’ or whatever! Charlie Crist is always welcome here, we home he’ll take us up on that.”

When Crist announced Karla Hernandez-Mats, recently slammed by Gov. Ron DeSantis for a Fidel Castro “mourn” tweet, Latin music was playing at the presser.

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