FSU Implements Critical Race Theory Test for Housing Applicants

March 10, 2022 Updated 8:04 AM ET

March 10, 2022 Updated 8:04 A.M. ET

TALLAHASSEE (FCV) – Florida State University (FSU) continues to push forward in its usage of an implicit racial bias test, formally known as the Harvard IAT. Thanks to a brave student, Florida’s Conservative Voice has received documents linking this racial test to University Housing eligibility for reapplying Resident Assistants (RA).

The test, which essentially determines one’s supposed bias against minorities and so called oppressed groups, is rooted in Critical Race Theory. It asks questions such as “How warm or cold do you feel towards Black people?” Another question asks participants to select whether they “Prefer white people to Black People.”

Test questions from “Harvard IAT”

Program Coordinator for Training and Recruitment at FSU, Lexie McGarvey, who self describes her primary responsibility as “recruitment, selection, and training of over 200 student staff members for University Housing,” assigned the bias test as “homework before an upcoming zoom meeting. She also described it as “very important information.”

Canvas announcement for Harvard IAT “homework”

The source who provided FCV with these images described the assignment.

”Basically I had to take it to prove that I have unconscious bias.” The whistleblower also confirmed that this was an assignment being used in the University Housing selection process by Ms. McGarvey.

Private messages with Resident Assistant (RA)

When asked to provide a comment, the University denied that the Harvard IAT was required for University Housing staff and resident assistants and said that “completing the test is not tied to employment.”

In their response to FCV, FSU provided no comment on the documents provided by the whistleblower. They also did not address Ms. McGarvey’s assignment of the test as “homework.” 

Florida’s Conservative Voice has reported previously on this test being used both by the University’s Honors Colloquium program and some sororities on campus. Now for a third time, a student whistleblower has provided FCV with more evidence that FSU has expanded its implementation of the implicit bias test.

Another public university – Florida Gulf Coast University – was caught implementing the IAT into their classes.

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