DeSantis Raises Almost $13M in 30 Days, More Than Doubling Crist Amidst Primary Nomination

By Eric Daugherty, Florida's Voice

September 13, 2022 Updated 9:37 AM ET

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TALLAHASSEE (FLV) – According to the latest campaign finance reports, Republican candidate for re-election Gov. Ron DeSantis out-raised Democrat Charlie Crist by more than double since the end of July.

After clinching his party’s nomination, Crist saw a relative boost in fundraising, almost matching DeSantis for the week of Aug. 20-26.

Since July 30, DeSantis continue to outpace his Democrat rival, garnering a combined $12.9 million to Crist’s $4.7 million.

The Republican incumbent’s war chest spells an even strong financial position, currently resting at over $122 million to Crist’s just over $4 million.

The general election is just under two months away, pushing candidates into the final stretch where ad-buying and campaign expenditures are expected to increase through the beginning of November.

Since the Aug. 23 Florida primary where Crist crushed Democrat opponent Nikki Fried by double-digit margins, polls slightly narrowed between Crist and DeSantis, but an aggregate from RealClearPolitics show polls beginning to widen again in DeSantis’ favor.

Since mid-to-late August, DeSantis leads Crist by an average of 4%, much greater than his 2018 win margin of 0.4% and wider than former President Donald Trump’s ~3.2% win margin in 2020 against President Joe Biden.

On another recent poll giving DeSantis a 5-point lead, DeSantis campaign spokeswoman Christian Pushaw said they do not pay such polls any mind.

“Political interests are almost always at the root of public polls – which is precisely why we’ve never paid them any mind, and have no plans to start,” she said.

The general election will be held on Nov. 8.

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